What Sets Interagers Apart? Surprising Insights

Have you ever wondered what sets integers apart from all other generations? You’re not alone! We’ve been asking ourselves the same question for quite some time now and gathering insights from experts and those living this particular lifestyle.

We want to share a few surprises we uncovered during our research. A few unique characteristics define this diversity-loving, entrepreneurial, and tech-savvy generation. From their attitude toward collaboration to their commitment to sustainability and even their approach to work-life balance—we’ll cover it all in this article!

So without further ado, let’s uncover the unique traits that help set interagers apart—and why they could make them so successful later in life.

What Are Interagers?

So what is an interager? In short, they’re a rising generation of digital natives strongly influenced by social media and streaming TV, with an independent and entrepreneurial spirit. The term was coined by futurist and educator August de los Reyes in 2019 to describe Gen Zers—those born from the mid-1990s to around 2010.

The defining characteristics of integers can be broken down into a few main categories:

· Open-Minded: Interagers are open-minded and willing to embrace change, diversity, and new ideas. They have a strong sense of justice and are likelier to challenge traditional systems or perceptions.

·        Tech Savvy: This generation is incredibly tech-savvy, immersed in digital technology. They are comfortable using multiple forms of tech in their everyday lives, from mobile phones to virtual reality headsets.

·        Independent & Innovative: Interagers prefer taking independent action rather than waiting on instructions and often come up with creative solutions or new ways of tackling problems. They are entrepreneurial in spirit—and often start their businesses or disrupt traditional markets.

Interagers and Technology

Interagers are a special breed—they see technology and digital devices as opportunities, not threats. They have embraced the tools of technology to stay connected with the world without being consumed by it.

These tech-savvy individuals take full advantage of modern technology’s capabilities, from utilizing their computers for research and communication to using their phones to access the latest news. Digital devices allow them to engage more easily with people and events locally and globally.

Moreover, interagers intentionally engage with technology—they understand when to switch off or tune out from digital distractions, setting boundaries as needed so that it doesn’t interfere with their dedication to relationships and social activities. This balance helps them stay socially active, both online and offline.

Benefits of Interager Traits

You might not know it, but Interagers have several unique traits that set them apart. Not only do Interagers take the initiative and are excellent problem-solvers, but their ability to think holistically and see the bigger picture is a valuable asset.

Here are just a few of the benefits you can expect from working with an Interager:

Creativity & Innovation

Interagers possess an inherent knack for creative problem-solving that helps them develop unique solutions to complex problems. They also find innovative ways to make existing processes more efficient and effective.

Effective Leadership

Interagers often possess excellent leadership skills, which enable them to be successful team leaders. They know how to motivate others and bring out the best in each team member, creating a positive environment that fosters success.

Openness & Empathy

Interagers are open-minded and compassionate—meaning they can understand different perspectives and appreciate new ideas. This makes them great collaborators who understand how to work with people from different cultures and backgrounds.

The Impact of Interager Values

Did you know that Interagers are deeply committed to and invested in the values they embrace? It’s true—Interagers are known for having strong, well-defined core values that drive their lives and their decision-making.

Values-driven Decision Making

Interagers invest a great deal of energy into understanding what matters most to them and building a life driven by these values. As a result, when it comes to decision-making, Interagers are more likely to think about what’s important to them regarding values before making any decision.

Connected by Values

It’s not just about the decisions they make, however—it’s also about the connection they share through their values. Interagers enjoy spending time with those who share the same value system and love engaging in meaningful conversations exploring values. It creates a sense of belonging and purpose which, in turn, drives commitment and deepens their relationships.

By living out their values, Interagers create meaning for themselves, build trust with others, develop meaningful relationships, and foster a sense of community in those around them. It’s an approach to life that is unique but very powerful!

Interager Personalities and Career Paths

Interagers have strong personalities, which can be both an asset and a challenge. On the one hand, they may be fiercely independent, creative problem solvers and natural leaders who take the initiative. On the other hand, they are also seen as disruptive, uncompromising, and uncooperative.

However, this strong personality can work in Interager’s favor regarding their career paths. Interagers embrace risk-taking and are often more likely than others to go against traditional ways of success. For example, they may become entrepreneurs rather than join a large organization or take a gap year to explore new career opportunities instead of continuing on their current path.

No matter what path an Interager chooses, some common personality traits will help them succeed. They are typical:

· Strategic thinkers

· Independent workers

· Highly focused individuals

· Action-oriented people with a passion for problem-solving

· Self-starters who don’t need direction or supervision

· Team players who respect diversity

Strategies for Success With Interager Culture

You might have yet to learn that interagers have unique strategies they use to be successful in their work. This is true in physical and virtual work environments, regardless of company size.

So what are some of these strategies?


Interagers believe everyone should know the task, so they communicate assignments clearly and follow up regularly on progress. They also make sure everyone is aware of the big picture of the project so they can focus on their role and how it contributes to the overall success.


Since interager culture constantly changes, interagers must stay flexible and open-minded when dealing with unexpected tasks or changes. They strive to remain organized and agile, adapting quickly and efficiently to new jobs or goals.


To foster collaboration, interagers keep up with current trends, technologies, and industry news that may affect their work. They understand how networking can help them learn from others to stay at the top of their game, so maintaining relationships is a vital part of the job for them.

By understanding these strategies for success with integer culture, you can better equip yourself and your team to take advantage of this unique working environment that maximizes success and collaboration within any organization!


Interagers have a unique set of characteristics that sets them apart from the rest. They demonstrate the tremendous potential that organizations and businesses may tap into in the coming years. Interagers are socially conscious and creative, often eager to learn, experiment and engage with the world around them. The emerging integer population is highly educated and driven – they see the world as a place to change. They are forced to make systemic changes that will make the world better.

In short, Interagers are a demographic of individuals poised to take on the world and impact our global society. Their creative vision and thirst to make a difference will be the driving force behind the next generation of innovative thinkers. So, if you want to tap into an age of wide-eyed, ambitious, and bold individuals, look no further than the growing population of Interagers.