What Features to Look for When Choosing a New Android Phone

It is almost impossible to imagine a life without a smartphone these days. Wherever you go, the smartphone acts as that best friend always there for you. The prerequisite, however, is to subscribe to any service like Spectrum WiFi plans and Phone offers if you wish to make the best use of your smartphone. While it is essential to choose an economical telecommunication company for yourself, it is also important to make the best choice when it comes to your smartphone.

Here is a guide for you that can help you choose the best android phone.

4G or 5G?

With the advancement in technology, services are not limited to 4G alone. The Internet is set to get faster. Thanks to 5G. But you cannot make use of this high-speed Internet service if your Android phone is not capable enough to support it. Therefore, you should ask the seller or carry out research yourself before you go to the market to purchase a mobile for yourself. Because not all Android phones support the latest technology. In fact, many Android phones don’t even support 4G technology.

Overall Phone Design

Once you have looked into the technical features, you should also pay attention to the overall phone design. You cannot just spend money to carry an ugly phone set in your hand. However, the phone design also includes features that relate to the ease of using the smartphone. Some of the features that you should consider when it comes to the phone design include:

  • Keyboard: You should see if the phone that you are purchasing includes a full keyboard or not. Majority of the Android phones these days are touch-only phones. They do sound cool but it becomes difficult to operate them at times.
  • Screen Resolution: Screen resolution plays a vital part when it comes to selecting a phone for yourself. The higher the resolution, the clearer will be the display. Because the millennials spend most of their time looking at smartphones, it is important that the phone features a crisp display.  
  • Screen Size: Screen size is also a very important feature that one should consider when looking at the design. Because a small screen size can be very irritating at times. Moreover, some people do not find it convenient to read or view things on a small screen. As it requires a lot of zooming in.

Hence, consider the above-mentioned features when it comes to selecting an Android phone for yourself.

Moving on, you should also keep the following in mind:

The Camera

You cannot deny the fact that you will spend a major chunk of your time clicking selfies from your mobile. Therefore, you should opt for a smartphone that has a good quality camera. The camera quality should be good for both the selfie and the non-selfie modes. You will find a range of Android phones when you visit the market or search online. Different phones will also have different resolution cameras. Some phones might have a 3-Megapixel camera while others may even include an 8- Megapixel camera. It varies. You will have to look at the features online to get an insight regarding the type of camera.

Phone’s Software

Apart from the camera and other features, you will also need to consider the phone’s software. You might not be aware of this fact but not all Android phones run the same version of the OS. Moreover, not all Android phones get updated to the latest version of the OS as soon as it is introduced. For this, you will need to ask the seller the version of the OS that your phone will be running when you purchase it. It is essential to do so.

Cellphone Carrier that is Best for You

One of the many features that you should consider before you purchase a new android phone is the cellphone carrier that is the best for you. Because sometimes selecting the carrier holds more importance than selecting the phone. This may sound absurd but it is true because even the most expensive phone won’t provide you the best service if its carrier does not work well. You should know that even the big carriers have dead spots. And if you are unlucky enough to reside in the dead spot area, you will suffer a great deal.

Therefore, consider the carrier before you start hunting for your new android phone.

You can opt for Spectrum as Spectrum Internet plans are quite suitable. But the choice is yours. It is purely upon your discretion when it comes to the carrier you choose.